Management Training

Employees who feel valued will remain loyal and work hard to insure your brand is well represented.

Management Training

Simple Solutions

Bubble Talk

Everything’s safe in the “bubble” With a  30 minute phone call, we can talk about any issue you’re facing and work to correct it.




Staff Evaluation &Analysis

In this staff evaluation, staff will be asked to take an anonymous survey regarding your management staff’s behavior. You’ll receive an analysis indicating which areas need the most training.


Elemental Tips

If your managers are new or need a refresher on being effective leaders, this package is for you. You’ll receive up to 10  friendly ideas to empower them to be team leaders.



Deeper Development

Mini course

Every manager may be at a different level of development.  Choose one of the many mini courses designed for every level of employee management service training.  Courses start at:


Course content will vary for each level. Each course includes training, tests, results, feedback, and the optional training certificate.

*Yours to keep and reuse forever.

Weekly Testing

With weekly testing of product or policies, your management staff will develop a better retention practice as well as experience higher levels of confidence when engaging other staff members.


4 tests designed around the Customer Service Experience and/or your store policies.

*Yours to keep and reuse with each new hire.


Bringing it all Together

Monthly Management Training

It’s never easy setting up management training programs. Perhaps that’s why so many companies list customer service as their biggest frustration. This package is designed to alleviate your stress while training your employees on your company product and practices.

This package includes:

Staff Evaluation

2 ‘Bubble’ talk sessions (30 minutes each)

4 Weeks of product testing with analysis

1 Mini course (1 topic)

Tips and tools to implement monthly results


That’s a savings of over $200!

Beyond the Basics

Monthly Webinars

Whether you’re adding to your already amazing training program, or you want to implement a monthly strategy meeting. We can work to create a webinar that will keep your employees actively engaged and eager to take on any challenge.  Each webinar will be customized to fit your monthly need.

$1500 +

This is yours to keep forever!

Store Policies

My customer service coaching programs are designed around your individual store policies. If you don’t have a set policy in place, you and your staff will be left wide open to suggestion- which can lead to a poor reputation.  Together, we can create a solid store policy guide that is easy to read and fair to both you and your customers.


This is yours to keep forever!

Are your managers representing you in the best way?

“It’s my pleasure to help small businesses connect with customers; one word at a time”     – Melissa Folette