“What Melissa provides for her clients is more than words on a screen, she captures the heart of every product we produce.”

Service with a smile...

Growing up in a family bakery, Melissa Folette was raised on service based work ethics. She was taught the value of hard work combined with the satisfaction of making people happy. The customer service element is always at the forefront of her mind, even when she’s out with friends.

An avid story teller her entire life, Melissa enjoys making people smile. Her first published work came in the form of a children’s book, Crunchy the Frog in a Sticky Situation. High Pitched Hum 2011. Melissa used her bakery upbringing as inspiration for her stories as her characters and settings came alive in the form of sweet treats.

Melissa Folette, Content Writing, Crunchy the Frog, RWA, FCRW, Womens Fiction, Romance

After being bit with the ‘writing bug’ Melissa began the transition from baking and decorating to writing. As she transitioned into writing for her business, Melissa found more and more owners who faced the same issues she’d faced. That, despite the long hours the owners were putting in, they simply didn’t have the time to do their job and keep up with websites, emails, social media, and train their staff. They were becoming burnt out at work. They no longer pursued their hobbies. In short, they needed help.

For more than 5 years, she’s written web content, email blasts, product descriptions, blog posts, brochures, and training guides for small businesses-especially bakeries. She believes by helping business owners tackle important, yet time consuming jobs, she can help them rekindle their passion for their craft. 


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