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SEO Boosting Power: The Benefits of Blogging for Business

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process used to find websites through search engines. Websites with lots of content and great keywords have higher chances of being at the top of the list when searched. So, how does your company get to the top without spending a small fortune in advertising? That’s where the SEO boosting powers of a business blog come in.

SEO ranking is not based on stuffing content with keywords. In fact, algorithms penalize sites that still practice keyword stuffing. Sites are ranked according to several factors. While most of these factors are always changing, some SEO boosting secrets are never revealed.


One way to implement the SEO boosting powers of your blog is to have a user friendly website. Meaning a website that not only attracts customers, but has them stick around a while too. Your website should allow people space to shop, learn, and eventually purchase items.

If you keep an updated blog with content related to your ideal customer, you’ll give them a reason to stick around.


Returnability may not be a real word, but it does represent a real action. That is the ability for your website to attract returning customers.

When customers return to your website over and over, search engines recognize this. They see your site as a legitimate place on the internet. Thus, increasing your visibility among searchers.

This is another SEO boosting power your business blog offers.

If you continue to produce hot topic content, your customers come back to read each week (or sooner). Enough returning visitors who stick around and read, will add value to your domain and increase your rank.

Increasing the number of customers coming and returning to your blog is much like getting customers to come into your store. You need a catchy name, a reason for them to come, and an even bigger reason for them to come back.

Catchy name

If you want to be creative with your blog name, do it. It should definitely represent who you are. But, just be sure it works for your business in every way possible.

Blog titles should have at least one major keyword related to your business if you want to collect on the SEO boosting properties. Not only will the right keyword make you more visible to search engines, if it’s tailored to your customer’s needs, it will be easier for them to remember.

People who remember your blog name are more likely to search for it specifically. Direct organic searching will certainly boost your rank. And, if you keep customers engaged enough, they’ll be more likely to share it with others.

Sharing with others

Sharing your blog posts on social media is a vital SEO boosting tool. When your blog post is shared on social media it’s essentially like sending a flare to search engines to let them find you. The more shares your posts receive, the more attention will be put toward finding your site.

With enough attention, your site will be recognized as a valuable tool and your rankings will increase.

Filling in the gaps

No matter how well written a web page is, it may not always be enough to tell the entire story about a product or even section of your business.

Let’s say you own a massage parlor but you also offer essential oils and homeopathic remedies. If most of your website content is optimized with keywords related to all facets of massaging, it will be hard to engage in those searching for the other elements of your business.

That’s where the SEO boosting powers of your business blog comes in.

When you post content related to the other aspects of your business, you can include keywords that current and new customers are already searching for. Not only will you increase your customer’s ability to stick around and read more about your awesome products, you’ll also be increasing your online reach.

SEO boosting powers

Most websites have 10-15 pages of content. And once the pages are built and optimized, typically there’s no other way to increase visibility. Without paying for it, that is.

That’s the SEO boosting power of a blog.

With every topic and keyword added to your business blog, you’re increasing the chance of search engines finding your site. You’re adding a valuable source of information to your customers to share. 

And, you’re giving them a reason to come back for more.

Customers who spend more time with you have less time to spend with your competitors.

Give them a reason to come, stay, and return with a great quality blog.

Do you have the power?

Knowing the SEO boosting powers a blog offers your business, there’s no reason not to start one. Or, if you already have one, this is the perfect time to get it back on track and engage with your customers.

If you don’t have time or the desire to write your own business blog, you may want to consider hiring a content writer.

That’s why I’m here.

My job as a content writer is to provide you with all the benefits of a business blog.

You’ll build authority, connect with customers, share on social media, and get the SEO boost your business needs. All you have to do is spend a few minutes planning and I’ll take care of the rest.

Let’s connect today.

You can start your business blog in as little as 10 minutes.

Want to know more?

“It’s my pleasure to help small businesses connect with customers; one word at a time”     – Melissa Folette

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