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Tricks and Treats for your October Calendar

October brings cooler weather, colorful leaves, and a bountiful harvest. It is also a month full of mischief and magic. Content ideas for your October calendar are as endless as the isles of candy in every department store.

Here are a few ideas that will help work some magic into your idea box.


Originally held in the middle of the month to celebrate the wedding of King Ludwig 1, Oktoberfest is now celebrated the entire month. In some cities, celebrations begin as early as mid-September to allow the enjoyment of milder weather.

This festive event includes drinking, dancing, and of course, eating!

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Offering content containing stories of women donning a customary dirndl dress and men pulling up their leather lederhosen to perform traditional dances is a great way to engage readers.

And with German specialties such as sauerkraut, pretzels, and bratwursts served throughout this historic festival, the ideas for creative foodies are plentiful.

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Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Often victims of domestic violence are either too scared to ask for help or are unsure of who to ask or where to go. And while domestic violence happens throughout the year, take a moment during the month of October to pin a purple ribbon to your shirt. Come up with ways you and your business can raise awareness of the help offered to domestic violence victims.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer awareness month is dedicated to remind women of the importance of mammograms and self-checks. In every major city across the globe, marathons, galas, music festivals, and other events are held in hopes to bring awareness of the early signs of breast cancer. Find a way to join in raising awareness. Host a walk-a-thon or create a team to join an event in your community.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month, october calendar, blog, writing, business
Halloween, october calendar, october ideas, coffee, free, blog, writing, business


Of course, no October content plan is complete without the popular holiday of Halloween. In fact, this is a holiday that can completely fill both a September and October schedule. With topics including homemade treats and costumes to ghoulish tricks, content can be found in every creepy corner of the internet.

More Ideas for your October Calendar:

October 1st: International Coffee Day- Take a moment to appreciate this delicious liquid that greets you every morning!

October 2nd: International Day of Non-Violence- Coinciding with Domestic Violence Awareness

October 3rd: National Boyfriend Day- We can give them at least one day… right?

October 4th: National TACO Day- Umm…why isn’t every day taco day?

October 5th: World Teacher’s Day- Show your appreciation for these hard workers!

October 6th: Mad Hatter Day- Wear the silliest hat you can find today!

October 7th: World Smile Day- Spread a little love around.

October 8th: Columbus Day- If you need a mattress, this is the time to buy!

October 9th: Fire Prevention Day- Get your emergency plan in place.

October 10th: Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day-This is a beary special occasion.

October 11th: National Coming Out Day- A day to remind you of the power of confidence in being true to yourself!

October 12th: Moment of Frustration Day- Just a moment? That’s all we get?

October 13th: International Skeptics Day- Or is it?

October 14th: National Dessert Day- An extra helping of cake should suffice.

October 15th: Global Handwashing Day- Prevent the spread of illness… wash your hands.

October 16th: National Boss’s Day- A simple gesture of appreciation can go a long way.

October 17th: National Fossil Day- No, not your grandpa… This is for real fossils.

October 18th: No Beard Day- Get those razors ready!

October 19th: Evaluate Your Life Day- Don’t just evaluate it… make those changes and create your own happiness!

October 20th:  World Osteoporosis Day- Because healthy bones are important.

October 21st: National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day- Take home more than one…these are crazy good!

October 22nd: National Nut Day- Crack ‘em. Peal ‘em. Or roast ‘em.

October 23rd: National Mole Day- Keep an eye on those things and have your doctor take a look at the funny shaped ones.

October 24th: United Nations Day- Put aside differences and celebrate humanity.

October 25th: World Pasta Day – Make it from scratch or buy it locally. Just enjoy this delicious invention.

October 26th: National Pumpkin Day- Carve it, peal it, paint it, or eat it… Enjoy this signature squash of fall.

October 27th: National Black Cat Day- Reprieve these kitties from their suppositious haters!

October 28th: Pit Bull Awareness Day- Help find homes for these poorly publicized fur babies.

October 29th: World Psoriasis Day- It’s the itchiest day of the year!

October 30th: National Candy Corn Day- Wait… do people still eat that?

October 31st: Halloween- Be careful out there and remember to hide the good candy from your kids!

Need more ideas?

Together, we can creatively cater each holiday to fit your content needs. 

“It’s my pleasure to help small businesses connect with customers; one word at a time”     – Melissa Folette

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